10 tips for holding a summer party at home

There’s nothing quite like a summer house party. When the weather’s good, all you want to do is hang out with your friends and have some fun. However, if you don’t plan ahead for your house party, things can potentially get out of hand. With that in mind, here are our top 10 tips for holding a summer party at your house.

Tell the neighbours

Inform your neighbours about your party plans so that it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to them on the night. Your neighbours will be more prepared to let you have your one night of fun if they know in advance and can prepare for it. If you want to, perhaps even invite them to join in on the action!

Strictly V.I.P

Think about who you want to invite and how many people your home can accommodate. Chances are that not everyone that you invite will turn up, but if you invite too many people, then things have the potential to go out of control. Keep it exclusive, maybe send a request through a secret Facebook event page and make it clear how many people they’re allowed to bring along.

Get the music started

Without a good playlist, your party will go down like a lead balloon. Whilst everyone loves a bit of Adele every now and again, it’s unlikely she’ll get people bopping away, so try to think of fun songs that’ll really get the party started. If you’re struggling for ideas, make a collaborative playlist on Spotify and get your friends to add to it.

Turn the party up

Now that you’ve got the playlist in order, it’s time to make sure that your guests can actually hear it. Arriving at a party to find the music is too quiet or distorted isn’t great, so invest in a decent sound system that’ll keep your guests entertained.

Lock your valuables away

If you have the capacity to, put all your valuables into one room which can be locked up and marked as strictly off limits. It’s one load off your mind and you can enjoy partying without the worry!

Ice, ice baby

Try not to overload your fridge and freezer in the days leading up to the party as this’ll only take up vital storage space for party food and drinks. Everybody likes a cold beer so make sure to stock up on ice beforehand. If you’re running low on space, consider investing in a few buckets which you can fill up with ice to keep drinks nice and cool.

Get decorative

If you put a bit of effort into your decoration, people will really notice. Wall decorations, fairy lights and photo booth props will really add to the party vibe, so get creative and think about how you can turn your house into the ultimate party venue.

Stock up on bin bags

It’s not the most exciting of things to think about, but stocking up on enough bin bags will really help you when you’re too hungover or knackered the morning after and have to clean up. Encourage guests to tidy up as they go, or sweep the house every so often to keep on top of things.

Take it to the kitchen

People will naturally congregate wherever they like during a house party, but keeping your kitchen as a bar area will really help add a bit of organisation to proceedings. Stock up on enough plastic cups, bottle openers and utensils that you know you’ll need. As the host, provide a few drinks yourself, but also make sure to tell people to bring their own.

Get the garden involved

If the weather’s nice and you have access to a garden, why not take the party outside? Decorate it with night lights and get the garden chairs out for an alternative setting. You’ll have more room to accommodate all your guests too!

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to keep your home organised and tidy before your house party, take a look at our tips for storage solutions or to brighten up your garden on a budget.

It’s time to party.