5 easy ways to boost the value of your home in 2018

If your big plans for 2018 involve upping sticks and selling your property, you’ll want to make sure you can achieve the best possible initial valuation and final sale price.

But if you’re not keen to carry out major regeneration work or add costly extensions to your home, there are some smaller changes you can make that will still add real value to your property.

So, here are some non-drastic ways to boost the value of your home.

Pave the front garden

Particularly apparent in built-up urban areas where off-street parking may come at a premium, working on your front garden plot to improve the general aesthetic in general with new flower beds but also adding paved space for a car can add real value to a property.

Cost: Potentially £10,000 depending on planning permission requirement
Added value: Up to £50,000 in built-up, desirable areas

A fresh lick of paint, outside

A simpler solution for a smaller budget, but an effective one nonetheless. Curb appeal is a massive part of getting people to view your property in the first place, either because they’ve driven past your property and seen the for sale sign or scrolled past a picture on a property listing website.

And one of the best ways to improve the curb appeal is to spruce up the look of your house with a fresh lick of paint. Also take time to hide bins where possible, clear the driveway and give the windows a clean.

Cost: £100 – £1,000
Added value: up to £5,000

Convert the garage

Around 90 percent of British garages don’t house a car, so instead of using yours as a dumping ground for old exercise equipment and suitcase, convert this valuable space into a new reception room or additional space in general.

Cost: Around £10,000
Added value: £15,930+

Change the front door

Another easy way to improve that curb appeal, installing a new modern door will also add some value, if not drastically through increased value then certainly in terms of that all-important first impression.

Cost: Around £150+
Added value: First impressions matter!

Add a decking area

‘Bring the outside in’ is a phrase you’d have heard a lot of recently if you’re a keen watcher of property programs, and it’s certainly en vogue at the moment as a way to maximize livable space and create social zones.

Cost: £250 – £5,000
Added value: around 2% on original property value (£4,527 on average UK property)

Other ways to add value to your property in 2018

improve the value of your home

There is a whole host of other ways you can increase the value of your home. Ranging from the simple like hanging more mirrors in your hallway to improving light fixtures to more drastic renovations including new bathrooms, kitchen and loft conversions too.

Which ideas are you thinking about implementing in your home in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.