5 storage tips for your kitchen

Storage isn’t a conundrum confined to the kitchen, it’s something to consider in every room. But for this blog, we’ll stick to the kitchen because in many ways it’s the hub of the home and a place where, according to houzz, we spend 12% of our lives.

With that stat in mind, when it comes to the home, making the most of your kitchen and creating an area that’s suitable for cooking delicious meals for friends and family should be an absolute priority.

We all know that having people over for dinner is difficult if you’ve got clutter everywhere, whether that’s recipe books, pots and pans or utensils – this applies to kitchens of all shapes and sizes. If you’re struggling for space to keep all of your stuff, fear not, because here are some ideas to get you started and to bring some organisation into your life.

Pull-out larder cupboards

Pull-out larders range in size: if you look online you’ll find that they range from 300mm to 600mm in width, and even bigger. Most larders are designed to be accessed by pulling them out on rollers and wheels, which then reveals a number of baskets or shelves where belongings are kept.

The great thing is that you can store whatever you want in them, and lots of it too. In addition to the range of sizes, they also range in prices, materials and finishes, so you can choose the larder option that suits the existing design of your kitchen.

We recommend that you go for a soft-closing option, so it shuts nice and gently, hiding all your belongings away without the thud of a regular cupboard.

Be creative with corner cupboards

The best kitchens maximise the available space. Have you considered corner units with two-level carousels or other well-designed features that make the most of your space?

Corner carousels are easy to organise and access. They provide much more room than standard cupboards, while you’ll be able to keep lots more there than you would with regular storage.

An appliance cupboard

Creating somewhere to store all your small appliances is a great step towards a clutter-free kitchen. Keep your toaster, blender and mixers out of sight with a designated hideaway, rather than them being housed in view on the surfaces themselves.

Your storage area doesn’t need to have a closing door either – a small alcove will suffice. The benefit of having your appliances hidden will be that you’ve got a lot more food preparation space.

Undersink drawers

Traditionally, undersink storage has been an afterthought. In many homes it’s just a space next to the sink’s u-bend to keep washing-up liquid, bleach, surface cleaner and cloths. But have you thought about bucking the trend and being a little creative?

Do some research. Assess all options out there and look at Installing a pull-out undersink drawer that will make it much easier for you to reach the far corners. You’ll be able to store more of your stuff, be better organised and when you have a spillage you’ll be able to react quicker and get it cleaned up in no time.

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