5 ways to make your kitchen the hub of your home

Traditionally, the kitchen has always been at the heart of the family home. From the smell of delicious home cooking to the simple joy of sitting down for a family meal, it’s a space that’s perfect for creating happy memories.

Of course, that’s not going to happen by magic. Here are 5 things you can try if you want your kitchen to be the centre of attention.

Host a party

Inviting friends over is a great way to enjoy your home, and the kitchen can play a key role in ensuring the evening is a success.

While guests will naturally head for the living room, you can ensure they have a little more space by making the kitchen just as inviting.

You could save some of your welcome drinks and nibbles for the kitchen, so guests are encouraged to do more than just pop their heads round the door. If they’ve brought drinks with them, show them into the kitchen as part of a tour of your home.

With their refreshments stored here, they will need to make regular returns throughout the evening, and could easily find themselves striking up a conversation with other guests. This becomes even easier if you have an open-plan kitchen and living room, as people will be able to easily converse with each other across each room.

Get baking

Baking is certainly very popular right now. Shows like The Great British Bake Off have enticed many to try their hand at preparing delicious cakes, pies, biscuits and pastries for their friends and family.

The good thing about baking is that the smells wafting around your home are sure to bring curious family members wandering in to see what’s going on.

A plate of biscuits or slice of cake will go wonderfully with a cup of tea, which is perfect for when friends and family pay a visit. Of course, it’s also something you can do with your children, which brings us to our next point.

Involve the family in cooking

Whether you’re baking a cake or preparing dinner for the family, letting your children help out is a great way to encourage a family atmosphere in your kitchen. It’s also teaching your youngsters an important life skill.

Naturally, there are limits to the sort of tasks you will want children involved with, depending on their age. Hot appliances and sharp knives are best avoided, but tasks such as mixing or weighing ingredients, decorating or garnishing food, stirring pots and fetching items from the fridge or cupboard are all ways children can contribute with varying degrees of supervision.

In addition, if you have the space to incorporate a dining area, it’s nice to be able to gather the family around the table and enjoy a meal together.

Adapt with the seasons

There are subtle changes you can make to your kitchen at different times of the year. For example, during the summer you have the chance to let plenty of natural light flood into the room, so make sure windows aren’t blocked with things such as plants and ornaments. You can also stock the fridge with fresh summer ingredients for people to enjoy in the sunshine, either on a terrace or in the garden.

In contrast, winter is a time to turn your kitchen into a warm, welcoming haven. Incorporating candles or other sources of low light can help create a cosy atmosphere, along with cushions, blankets or throws across your kitchen furniture. A hearty stew bubbling away on the stove is another surefire tactic to get family members flocking into the kitchen in search of dinner.

Let your personality shine through

You can read plenty of articles about kitchen trends, or what you need to own this year, but it’s the personal touches that will make your kitchen special.

Whether it’s the cookbook you’ve had since you were in college, the or the children’s artwork pinned to your fridge, these unique items set your kitchen apart from all the others, and are ultimately what will make it feel like home.

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