6 creative ways to meet your new neighbours

Getting your keys, moving in and beginning a life in your new home is a tremendously exciting period. After you’ve got the big move out the way, you’ll want to settle into your new area as quickly as possible. As well as discovering the local shops, parks and amenities, you’ll also be eager to find out what your neighbours are like. Why not take the initiative and make the first move? By reading our six creative ways to meet your neighbours, you’ll be brimming with great ideas that will see you making friends in no time.

Always look to start a conversation

OK, we accept this one might not be the most creative but it is certainly effective. Be open to conversations with those around you and you’ll soon be making new bonds. If you see a neighbour, be brave and go and introduce yourself. This small step will go a long, long way. Even if your first encounter isn’t the most scintillating of chats, don’t worry, just by making an effort to say hello you’ll be displaying your neighbourly potential.

Take to the garden
Spending time in the great outdoors will make you visible to your new neighbours and increase the chances of having that all important first chat. If you don’t have garden space (or you just feel super neighbourly), you could even consider starting a communal garden or a small vegetable plot. This fun little project will highlight your civic aspirations, brighten up your new area and be a sure fire hit with your neighbours.

Bond over children or animals
Children and pets are a great icebreaker. If you notice your neighbours have children of a similar age, invite them round for a kid’s playdate whilst the adults share a pot of tea or a coffee. Doing so will help your children make new friends and you can bond with your neighbour in a relaxed setting. Likewise, suggesting a shared dog walk with a fellow canine lover will provide a great opportunity to shoot the breeze and discover your new area too.

Throw a party
Throwing a party is a rite of passage when it comes to making new friends. Whilst an evening affair with strangers may seem overly formal, who wouldn’t be interested in an afternoon get together involving food, music and a few drinks? Simply pick a date, create some invitations and drop them through some nearby letterboxes. You don’t need to stress over your party either, keep it casual and relaxed and just enjoy learning more about your neighbours. Most importantly though, make sure you have fun.

Start a lending library
If you have space in an apartment hallway or outside your home, why not start your own lending library? By placing a few books in a small box outside your home labelled something like ‘Free Book Swap’, you’ll improve community spirit and gain access to a load of new books you may otherwise have never read. What’s more, discussing the books you’ve swapped with other local residents is an amazing way to discover common ground with each other.

Be kind and considerate
Being kind is the simplest and most rewarding way of making friends near your new home. Little acts of kindness will go a long way with your neighbours. Small gestures such as holding doors if you live in an apartment block, helping to carry shopping, sharing food or even bringing a neighbour’s bin in from the drive will help you make new acquaintances in no time.

You should partner being kind with making sure you are always a considerate neighbour. Nobody likes that neighbour who throws loud parties, litters or lets their property look run down, so make sure it’s never you. Basically, if you always try and be the kind of neighbour you’d like to live next to, you should settle in just fine.
We hope these six tips will help you to find your feet in your new location as soon as possible. At LPC, we believe in helping to build strong communities through affordable housing solutions. If you’d like to discover more, Read more about our exciting developments across the country