6 tips on being a good neighbour

Having a good relationship with your neighbours is key to feeling like you belong to your local community. It can also improve the quality of your life. By being friendly and polite, you can make new friends who will be there to help you when you most need it – be it borrowing ingredients for a recipe or looking after your child in an emergency situation.

Even if you don’t become close to your neighbours, being on good terms with them will ensure you both don’t get stressed and frustrated at small things, such as not being able to use your parking space.

Here are some tips on how to be a good neighbour.

  1. Welcome new neighbours

As cliché as it sounds, first impressions count. Give your new neighbours a warm welcome when they move in. Taking a bottle of wine or a cake around will show them you are making an effort to make them feel welcome in their new home and neighbourhood.

You could even offer to help move boxes in those first few hectic days – we all know how stressful and strenuous moving house is. Whatever you decide to do, a small gesture and a big smile will help you start off on the right foot

  1. Get to know them

Once your new neighbours are all settled in, try to get to know them. This will be key, as you’ll be able to understand what kind of people they are.

Are they quiet and reserved? Then you probably don’t want to knock on their door very often and you will need to keep the noise down from late afternoon onwards. Are they scared of dogs? You’ll want to make sure your pet is always on the lead when you’re near home. Do they work night shifts? Then you’ll need to try to be as quiet as possible in the mornings.

Get to know them and you’ll understand what being a good neighbour means to them.

  1. Park considerately

Nothing’s worse than a neighbour who doesn’t leave enough space for other residents to park or manoeuvre. Do you really want to be that person?

When parking your car or motorbike, make sure it’s not in anyone’s way and that your vehicle is well within the lines. The whole neighbourhood will be grateful.

  1. Keep your garden or yard tidy

Whether you have a garden or a yard, try to keep it clean and tidy.

Avoid leaving rubbish outside for a long time to keep bad smells at bay and keep your garden free of weeds which could spread to the neighbouring gardens.

These may seem like small things, but they can be a real nuisance to neighbours.

  1. Let them know you’re having a party

If you’re going to have a party in your house or garden, let your neighbours know in advance. If you’re friends, you can even invite them over. This gives them a chance to plan something for the night, if they don’t fancy being in when loud music is on.

If they plan to stay in on that night, pop by theirs once the party is going and ask them if the music’s too loud. This goodwill gesture will make them feel like you care.

  1. Offer to help

If you get a chance, offer help to your neighbours, expecting nothing back. We all appreciate a little help, even when we don’t need it. Are you sweeping your front yard and have some spare time? Offer to sweep theirs too, or better still, just do it for them as a favour. Has your neighbour just got back from their weekly shopping trip? Offer to take some heavy bags inside for them.

These little favours will help you build a good relationship. One day, these favours will make their way back to you. Then, you’ll know you have been a great neighbour.

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