How do young families feel about living in Manchester City Centre?

There are a growing number of young families who choose city life over the formerly conventional plan of moving into the suburbs to start a family. And for a long time, it seemed Manchester was no different with hundreds of new flats that have transformed the city centre as it’s developed into a prime location for young professionals to lay down roots in the UK.

But is city centre life ideal for young families? Developers certainly see the city centre area as one that is growing in popularity with young families as they plan on creating a new series of townhouses across areas such as Castlefield, New Islington and the Canal Street vicinity.

In a recent interview with the Manchester Evening News, three mothers shared their experiences regarding living in Manchester city centre with a young family.

Two-year-old Casey loves watching the trains come and go from the eighth floor of his home in Castlefield. They provide free and easy to access entertainment for him as they come and go all day.

His Mother, Lynda Moyo, 34, said that: ”We just love that our son is a city baby. It’s all he’s ever known and he loves seeing the trams and trains go past on our balcony, and going into town in his pram.”

“When I first announced that I was pregnant, a few people said to me ‘so are you going to move?’ It was as though that was a given.”

It has only been a recent trend that the number of people choosing to stay in the city centre after starting a family has grown. It used to be the social norm to move away from the centre to the surrounding suburbs.

“I had no intention of moving to a house in the suburbs and it was the best decision we made. I’ve spent all my adult life in Manchester and my husband is a Londoner; neither of us wanted to feel like we had to immediately move to the countryside or a suburb just because we have a baby.”

Living in an apartment can have some unexpected benefits when it comes to having children. Most apartments are just on one level, so no stairs to fall down. Quite a few modern developments in particular favour an open-plan living style too, especially studio flats, so it is a lot easier to keep an eye on young children when they are exploring their surroundings.

Also, great inner-city transport like the Metro Link and free buses makes moving young families from A to B easy.

More Manchester city babies on the way?

The population of people who live in the city centre has grown to 25,000 over the past year. Of those 25,000, many are starting families and are opting to remain in the city.

Developers, as a result of this, have started planning larger homes for the growing number of families too with town houses being included in new development plans.

Hannah Plastow, 27, a part-time administrative worker, has lived in the city centre for the past five years now. She promised to stay in the city centre, despite the arrival of her daughter Luna two years ago.

She said: “The accessibility and the buzz you get from living in a city centre, you just don’t get that from living out in the suburbs, with house upon house upon house.”

She continued to state how she does not feel there is an age limit as to when you should leave the city.

“It’s personal preference and what you do with your time with your children and not where you live.”

There were still many who were interviewed by the MEN though who suggested they would be looking to leave the city centre, citing a better choice of schools, more room and outside space as key factors.

But for those which choose to remain in Manchester’s busy heart, they appear quite proud that their children will be city babies.

Finalised development at Hulton Square, Ordsall

We recently completed the final phases of development in Hulton Square, Ordsall. This meant that 99 properties became available to young families. Located off Trafford Road and very close to Salford Quays, the new homes offered a variety of living arrangements that were located very close to the city centre and thus were highly desirable for younger families who still wanted the luxury of being located so close to the city.

The area has changed significantly from when we began our pioneering ‘Quay 5’ development on Ordsall Lane, which spearheaded much of today’s development and is testament to the success of the regeneration that has taken place.

With the refurbishment of Exchange Quay and as the expansion of MediaCityUK, demand for residential property in the area is continuing to grow, both from young families and professionals alike. The latter are finding they get much more space for their money than in the city centre, which is only a nine-minute tram ride away from the nearby Salford Quays Metrolink.

Learn more about our Hulton Square project here.