Five ideas for decorating with house plants

There are many benefits to having plants in your home. Not only can they create great feng shui and help clean the air but they can also make your house much more visually appealing.

Having plants in the home can be a great and ineffective way of transforming your property. They can add colour and life to any room and have even been proven to de-stress and relax you after a long day at work.

If you want to turn your home into a palace of greenery, then here’s some ideas to follow when decorating with house plants that’ll completely elevate your property.

Find the right light

South-facing windows will receive less light than north-facing ones so it’s important to keep that in mind when deciding where to place your plants. Observe your property for where the best sunspots are and use this as your guide. It’s also a good idea to regularly rotate your plants every few weeks so that they all get prime access to the light.

Depending on the type of plants you have, you may need to alternate throughout the year. Sun-sensitive plants will need to be moved out of the spotlight during winter months.

Take advantage of corners

It can be difficult to get the most out of your corners and it can easily lead to an unorganised mess. Instead of worrying about things to fill the little space you have and instead piling the space up with magazines, go for a big leafy plant such as a Fatsia Japonica or a Ficus Lyrata. Not only will this turn your corner spot into an abundance of nature but it’ll also give the room an added lease of life.

Brighten up your balcony

If you’re struggling with space indoors, perhaps looking at ways to utilise your outdoor space with plants is for you.

Spruce up your balcony and give it a floral makeover. Hanging baskets can be a great option for those wanting to bring greenery into their outdoor space and will add a sophisticated touch when guests come over during the summer months.

Use bright and bold coloured plants to make your balcony stand out. Lantana plants are easy to grow and are a magnet for butterflies, making it a great flower to have outdoors.

If you have access to a garden space, then there are many ways you can brighten up your garden without breaking the bank.

Utilising small spaces

Anyone running low on space might think that the last thing they need is a plant to take up valuable room, but if you think creatively you’ll still be able to use plants to your advantage.

Utilise the furniture you already have, such as cupboards and window sills, to find ways of bringing the outside indoors without having to sacrifice vital space.

Get creative and consider how to incorporate plants into little things, such as using potted plants or vases as bookshelves. Not only will they look original and stand out but they’ll also be a simple way of bringing some greenery to your furnishings.

Recycle and repurpose

If you want to create something a bit quirky, then using old dishes and bowls that are no longer used is an excellent way of getting plantlife in your home without taking up too much room.

Growing small plants, such as campanulas, in a teacup is a great idea  for a small centrepiece that’ll bring attention and colour to any space.

Make your house a home

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