What Your Home Colour Scheme Says About You

The way we decorate our personal spaces reveals a lot about us. Particularly, the colour scheme we choose for our home is an expression of our personality.

You might think you simply painted your house to your taste, but there is much more to colour choices than that. Find out what the colour scheme you chose for your home says about you.


If you picked a calming blue shade, you’re likely a laid-back, relaxed person who enjoys tranquillity. You relish peace and quiet to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This means you can be rather introverted in certain social situations. You are probably a patient person who faces difficult situations with determination and a no-nonsense attitude.

If you opted for an electric blue, you have a dynamic personality which means you are a charming, creative, and charismatic person.


Is your home filled with green tones? Then spring is likely one of your favourite seasons and you love to spend time outdoors – be it at the park or in the countryside – when the weather is good.

You are also a good listener and an empathic person, which means people trust you and speak to you about personal matters freely. You take joy in putting others at ease, so you do very well in social situations and are a great host.

Yellow and orange

If you gravitate to bright hues, such as yellows and oranges, you likely have an energetic, cheerful, and friendly personality. These upbeat tones make you feel like it’s always summer in your house. They energise you, inspiring you to be active.

You probably often invite people over for dinner or a barbecue, as you love socialising and nurturing your personal relationships. Bright painted rooms are ideal for this, as they encourage open communication.

Pink and red

Have you gone for some bold pink or red walls? You’re probably a passionate, romantic, tempestuous soul. You are likely to constantly look for new ventures in life – be it a new hobby, a financial investment or a job opportunity – as you can easily get bored. Once you set yourself a goal, you pursue it with passion.

You are outgoing, confident, brave and free-spirited; you rarely take note of other people’s opinion because you know exactly what you want.

Brown, Gray and Neutrals

If your house is decorated in the shades of gray, brown, beige and ivory, you are likely a practical person who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently. You are equally organised at work, when doing the house chores and when organising a party.

You love to keep busy and care about earning the respect of the people around you by showing them how valuable you are to them.


Have you opted for a sleek black colour scheme? Then you are probably an elegant person who is comfortable with formal situations and enjoy dressing to impress. Always up-to-date with the newest and coolest lifestyle trends, you leave your minimalist decor at home to try out new luxury experiences.

At LPC, we firmly believe that everyone should have the freedom and the means to decorate their house to match their taste and personality. Find out more about our exciting developments across the UK.