Manchester is close to rivaling London for jobs

Manchester has recently seen a series of developments across the city which has led to a growth in culture and job opportunities. Both the BBC and ITV are based in Salford now whilst Channel 4 might soon be moving to Manchester as well, showing that the North has become a powerhouse for media job opportunities.

Manchester is home to a rising myriad of business opportunities and is proving to be a very popular location for businesses to select as their central hub. New offices and start up companies are choosing to start in Manchester rather than the capital. A lot of media and e-commerce companies choose to be based in Manchester, alongside some of the world’s most respected online social media and marketing companies and many more are likely to spring up over the coming years.

Why Manchester?

Why do companies feel the need to migrate to the north, away from the monopoly of London?

Many companies like the fact that Manchester is more affordable to rent or buy in than London. For the price it is to rent a one bedroom flat in London, you can have access to a host of two and three bedroom houses in the Manchester area. Manchester also has a very high student population in and around the city centre. The high number of graduates in the city allow companies to pick and choose from a large pool of young people who all share the common goal of searching for a new and exciting career path.

Manchester has recently been ranked the 43rd best city in the world to live in ( This means it was positioned 10 places higher than London. It has also risen three places since the survey was last taken in 2015, which shows it is a city facing constant improvement.

Manchester is the only place in the UK to feature in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016 guide. This shows just how widely acknowledged the city is and how many people favour working here. Manchester has a very bright and promising future ahead of it. It is growing new businesses, expanding on current businesses and is assisting in growing new and exciting industries. It’s truly the place to be at the moment.

London is, of course, one of the world’s top cities, but Manchester is definitely hot on its heels.