Stylish Storage Solutions

Staying organised shouldn’t drive you crazy. There are plenty of other things to lose sleep over without worrying about your home becoming overwhelmed with clutter.

If you’re struggling to find places to keep all your utensils, books or anything else, it’s time to think about your storage situation. However, storage shouldn’t just perform one task (i.e. keeping your belongings hidden away), it’s also possible to buy stylish, designer furniture that keeps your home looking great and feeling homely in the process.

Here are four of the most stylish storage solutions for your kitchen, living room, bathroom and garden that you should consider for your home:

For the kitchen: Jean Patrique Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ceiling Hanging Rack 


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This sturdy, heavy duty hanging rack is perfect for keeping all of your pots and pans out of harm’s way. There are twenty hooks (8 side and 12 ‘s’ hooks) with adjustable chains that are more than strong enough for you to hang your heaviest pots on.

This is certainly one of the most stylish hanging racks available and it’s delivered fully assembled so all you need to do is think about whereabouts in your kitchen it’s going to go.

For the living room: Limba Tall Wide Cube Storage Bookcase


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You can use this versatile piece for dividing up a large room, storing your book collection or showing off your vases or other precious belongings. There are a couple of options too, choose either the walnut or white finish depending on what complements the colours in your room.

It’s more than just a bookcase, it’s also one of the finest designs on the market at the moment.

For the bathroom: Wireworks Arena Bamboo Revolve Cabinet  


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This innovative 1.4m tall bathroom mirror is designed to be the centrepiece of the bathroom.

One side contains storage for your bathroom items and once you turn it around using the smooth rotation system, you’ll be able to check out your reflection in the lengthy mirror.

Made from engineered bamboo, the unique piece from Lincoln Rivers is possibly the smartest bathroom design we’ve seen for a long time.

For the garden: Sandringham Log Store


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Finally, we’re heading out into the garden. If you’ve got an open fire inside, you’ll need somewhere handy to keep your hardwood dry for those winter months when the temperature drops and you fancy striking up the fire and getting all cosy.

This easy to assemble, hand-crafted storage container is stylish and ideal for gardens of all sizes, whilst it’s also been ventilated to allow the air to flow, keeping your firewood in top condition.

The striking, simple design is made in the UK from high quality Scandinavian timber and is quick and easy to assemble from its flat pack delivery.

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