How to use Pinterest to help design your home

Prior to the advent of the internet, we used to find inspiration for the home by buying a stack of interior design magazines and then spending hours cutting out the rooms, furniture or colour schemes we liked.

Well, that has all changed. Now we have Pinterest, the online bookmarking tool that describes itself as ‘a visual discovery tool for saving creative ideas’. For many, it has already become the perfect tool for home décor ideas, as users can truly let their imagination run wild by searching through Pinterest’s collection of over 50 billion pins or through adding images from across the internet.

If you use Pinterest to help design your home, you can be certain you won’t be short of decorating ideas again, but how can you get the most out of the platform?

Start following people

When you first join Pinterest, things can seem a little dull. That’s because you need to start following pinners in order for their ‘pins’ to appear on your newsfeed. Unlike Facebook, on Pinterest, you don’t necessarily follow your friends; instead it’s best to follow your interests.

For home décor, search for interior designers, brands you like or home improvement boards and let the ideas come rolling into your newsfeed.

To get you started, here are some popular design pinners you need to follow.

Amber Interiors –

Savvy Home –

The Zhush –

SMP Living –

Create boards

Pinterest Design Board

There are so many images to choose from on Pinterest, it’s best to focus your search on ideas. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or searching for furniture concepts for the bedroom, Pinterest is there to help.

Create separate boards for each project to group all your ideas in one place. For example, boards could include ‘Hallway Ideas’, ‘Colourways I Love ’or ‘Bedroom Inspiration’. You can keep your boards private, if you wish.

Use the search feature

Pinterest has a fantastic search facility, so make sure you get the most out of it. Be very specific when looking for inspiration. Search for terms like ‘white living room ideas’ or ‘small bathroom tips’ and be prepared to be blown away by the plethora of stunning images that will head your way.

Although you can really narrow down your interests this way, don’t be afraid to challenge your preconceptions and enjoy the exposure Pinterest offers to a range of style ideas you may never have previously considered.

Personalise your pins

After a while, you’ll have accumulated so many pins, you might have forgotten what initially drew you to each of them. That’s why it’s a good idea to leave little notes on your pins to remind you what you liked about them in the first place. Leaving a note such as ‘great colour ideas for the bathroom tiles’, will act as a mental post-it-note that will help jog your memory further down the line.

Get everyone involved

By making boards collaborative, you can allow whoever you want to contribute to them. This means that if you would like some input from your partner, a friend with similar taste or even your interior designer (should you be so lucky), Pinterest will let you share the creative process with minimal effort or fuss.

Pin all you see

Inspiration exists everywhere, not just on Pinterest. For that reason, the platform allows you to add inspirational images from anywhere you see them. By downloading the Pinterest App, not only can you take your boards with you wherever you are, but you can also add inspiration as you see it by uploading pictures taken on your phone as new pins. What’s more, you can install plug-ins to your internet browser that allow you to pin any image you see whilst surfing the web onto a relevant board.

Go beyond the pin

As pins can be added from across the internet, clicking one will take you through to its original source. Therefore, clicking on a pin will allow you to see the product page or blog article the image came from. This means you can take your inspiration investigations off Pinterest and dig a little deeper.  

Pin Away

Well, what are you waiting for? Pinterest is there to help you on your quest to design your perfect home. Now you have read our top tips, the only advice we can give you is to get pinning. Be warned though; it can be a highly addictive experience.

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