What’s most important for you when looking at apartments?

Apartments are becoming more popular than ever in the United Kingdom. Young and older people alike are all flocking to the world of rented and owned apartments in response to the rising prices of houses across the U.K. What attracts us towards an apartment though?

Well, they are certainly easily managed and are cheap to run. This brings with it the opportunity to build the perfect place to settle down and live in. But why are people attracted to certain apartments? What draws people towards buying/renting apartments over houses?

The location is obviously key. The closer you are to your place of work the better for some. It is often the case that the closer your apartment is located to the city centre, the higher the price. But sometimes it is worth sacrificing that increased rent per month for the money that you will save on transportation.

A lot of apartments are now being rented or purchased by the age bracket known as millennials. What they desire from apartments is vastly different from those of previous age generations.

Many millennials are seen to be long term renters. They are not looking to buy a home anytime soon and want to keep that flexibility that comes with renting rather than owning a house. This need to rent rather than purchase can be attributed to the fact many who are looking to rent now have a very high level of student loan debt which they are yet unable to repay or are unable to accumulate the funds for a deposit on a purchased property.

With regards to location, younger tenants will still want to be able to explore their surroundings. Younger people will prefer an apartment closer to restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs, parks and gyms. They typically like places where they can meet and relax with their friends and places that will provide them with entertainment. Another big deal for renters young and old is energy and water costs.

These will greatly affect an apartment’s rentability. The lower the cost to run the apartment, the more likely someone is to rent it. The same applies to the council tax bracket it falls under as well.

In an age where everyone and everything is turning digital, having access to fast internet is crucial as well. Having a place which is right in the middle of a fibre optic enabled area can boost a properties rentability.

But these are just a few key elements that people look for when renting an apartment.

So, what aspects do you find to be of the highest importance when you are looking for somewhere to live? Pick the most important from the options below and let us know!

What’s most important when looking at apartments?

Rental price
Price of bills
Council Tax bracket
Internet speed
Parking availability
Size of apartments
Amount of natural light
Access to outside space (roof terrace, balcony)
Access to local amenities
On-site perks such as a gym
Safety features (secure locking system, video entrance camera etc)
On-site security presence
24-hour concierge
Energy efficiency of the apartment

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